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AAFX Trading - Review 2020

forex broker

CompanyAAFXTrading Company LTD
CountrySaint Vincent and the Grenadines
Payment optionsSkrill, Bank Wire, Visa, Master Card, WebMoney, Payza, Perfect Money, FasaPay, Neteller, MoneyGram, Western Union ,
Minimum account size0.01
Minimum Deposit$100
Regulation- Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with registration number 22916 IBC; - Malaysia with registered under the company of AA business solutions SDN BHD.


  • Broker Type : STP/ECN.
  • Platforms: MetaTrader 4 (PC/Mobile/Tablet/MAC), MT4 WebTrader, MetaTrader 5 (PC/Mobile/Tablet/MAC).
  • Variable/Fixed/Raw Spreads.
  • Bonus Offers.
  • Multiple Ways Of Account Funding.
  • Market Execution Available.
  • Scalping Allowed.
  • Hedging Allowed.
  • Expert Advisors Allowed.
  • Affiliate Program.
  • Swap Free Available.
  • Trade Forex, Precious Metals, Energies, Equity Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies.


  • The website is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person in any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law.


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94 reviews of this broker are presented here.

Posted by Andreas Schulze from Germany on Thursday, 06.24.21 @ 11:13am | #1275

I can say that on the whole this company seems pretty standard to me, because everything here is organised for independent trading by technical analysis and fundamental analysis. There is the MT trading terminal that many people are used to. In general, there is nothing surprising.
But most of all I like the fact that the spreads are all in order here. In fact, they also affect the risks and the capital itself. So I will definitely make a point of it, so that you can study this issue as well.

Posted by Mario Silva from Spain on Saturday, 06.12.21 @ 08:49am | #1274

Just a few months ago, I decided to change my broker to AFXX. I chose it according to the reviews of familiar traders and because of its leadership in the market. Then I read different reviews about AFXX on the Internet, doubted, decided to start with a small amount, not to risk it, to check how the work would go.
I trade the pound on ecn mt4, there were no serious problems.
As a result, for several months of trading, I earned a small amount, yes, the terminal freezes, the spread floats, but this does not depend on the broker, but rather on market conditions. In general, you can work, I did not notice anything that is written about in some reviews.

Posted by Rui Martins from Portugal on Tuesday, 05.25.21 @ 07:55am | #1266

The company offers Forex and CFD trading on several trading platforms, including the globally popular MetaTrader 4. The company's focus has been on excellent service. AAFXTrading.com won the Malaysian Investor Show Award for Best Broker in Asia.

Posted by Bernard from France on Tuesday, 05.18.21 @ 14:12pm | #1264

What does a trader need? - A reliable broker with fast executions, a large number of assets to choose in trading, good leverage for aggressive strategies, low spreads and commissions. The regulatory authority is a question to discuss for hours. But small and average traders would agree that leverage is more important. Withdrawals are ok, nothing more to demand from AAFX.

Posted by Nuno Nascimento from Portugal on Friday, 05.7.21 @ 03:36am | #1263

AAFX is good because there are two trading platforms available at once. These are MT4 and MT5. Moreover, the trader can open several trading accounts in the company. It is not forbidden.
In general, I like MT5 more. It is an advanced trading platform. In fact, it is the new and improved version of MT4. For example, MT5 has additional features and tools such as new order types and customizable timeframes.
But MT4 also has its advantages. For example, Bitcoin availability and tighter spreads. So it's good to be able to trade both in AAFX.

Posted by Tibo Hermans from Belgium on Tuesday, 04.6.21 @ 07:19am | #1256

Great reviews.
This is what you need for your daily work.
The bonuses are small, but the returns are very quick, small...

Posted by Teyvada Inthisane from Laos on Saturday, 03.27.21 @ 05:16am | #1253

I really like the fact that I chose this company. Here I learned how to work with MT4, I haven't noticed any significant limitations here. And I really tried different things here and each of them was some new and interesting stage in my career as a trader.
But most of all I liked of course the fixed spreads and functional demo, which has a complete set of indicators, I have already figured out macd and linear regression curve. And they allow me to find a large number of entry points into the market. And accordingly in this way I can maintain a lot of momentum and make stable profits. What could be better...

Posted by Martin Roy from France on Thursday, 03.4.21 @ 08:20am | #1249

I have been in this field since 2010. I had a chance to try different platforms and broker offers. AAFX Trading was one of them. This is a typical broker with its own commission percentage and types of trading platforms.
I have noticed that different people are involved in trading, mostly far from trading ... and it is sad if they ""lose"" their money due to inexperience.
Everyone needs experience and practice. Nothing will work without them!
So, I advise you not to neglect the training that AAFX Trading broker has. It is suitable for beginners who want to learn about trading, the features and tools available on the platforms.Pro traders won't make any use of training for sure.

Posted by Dietmar Albers from Germany on Friday, 02.26.21 @ 05:43am | #1247

AAFX is the best broker I've ever traded with. In seven years of trading, I have tried many trading platforms. I came across good brokers, this one is perhaps the best. AAFX has a bunch of advantages that overshadow its minor flaws.

Posted by Raymond Gallet from France on Saturday, 01.9.21 @ 15:50pm | #1238

It's hard to talk objectively about a company until you understand all the tools. And I am in that position right now - I have only been working with this broker for one month and I cannot fully appreciate it yet, but I already have a number of things that I think are worth discussing. I mean first of all the demo, which is really unlimited, in my opinion it is really important because at any time a trader might need to check or try something and the demo allows to do that. And the analytics seemed to me weak, or at least standard. Other companies have been offering more detailed and interesting articles for a long time now, so aafx should improve this point too.

Posted by Marten from Greece on Friday, 12.18.20 @ 07:59am | #1229

I can say that the appearance of MT5 in this company was not a big event for me. It is not much different from MT4, so I did not understand this decision at all. And the leverage is so big that I was never really interested in it, 1:2000 is very, very risky.
The educational videos, on the contrary, were very pleasant for me, because they allow me to look at familiar things from a new angle and this is the one that can be easily used in practice.
So like everywhere else there are pros and cons. Of course, a lot depends on what you choose and what is necessary for your productivity. No one will tell you what you need, your plan of action is formed in the process.

Posted by Filidan Pyakov from Bulgaria on Wednesday, 11.25.20 @ 12:39pm | #1220

It is the first company where the difference between MT4 and MT5 was explained great. Guys, I have been trading with you for a year. Thank you for the quality and a lot of opportunities to make money.

Posted by Joesef Lou from Spain on Friday, 11.13.20 @ 06:49am | #1208

I'm trading since 2015 and what I really like in this broker is the educational opportunities, as they help you to group up all things about trading and get the clear vision of how to act at the international markets. In fact, a lot of traders are neglecting education, but I can give my word that it matters, so if you're just in the beginning, that's the great way to boost your career.
And what even more important, the education is free, so you can try it just for test, without any payments.

Posted by Juan Martin Tovar from Brazil on Saturday, 10.31.20 @ 09:11am | #1191

AAFX is a unique brokerage. It combines such trading conditions, which no other broker offers anymore.
For example, its leverage is 2000:1. Many have probably heard about it, but not many have actually used it (high leverage means high risks).
But it is safe to trade with a broker, personally I have never had a problem trading with it. I like that AAFX never delays withdrawal, money always come quickly enough and without any extra commissions.

Posted by Mathew Romaguera from India on Monday, 10.19.20 @ 08:50am | #1185

Broker differs in the ability to choose any leverage from 1:1 to 1:2000. It allows traders to grow the deposit fast, but risks also increase.
I can't say anything new about platforms in AAFX. I have traded in MT4 before, but I haven't really tried MT5 yet. Maybe, I should switch to this terminal.
What about other trading conditions? There is a choice. The number of instruments is sufficient, spreads are average. What more could you want from the company? Basically, this is enough. So we can conclude that AAFX is suitable for trading. You can make money here.

Posted by Minyap from United Kingdom on Saturday, 10.10.20 @ 14:47pm | #1182

I have come a long way in the market and I have worked with different companies and I have seen different conditions.
And I can't say that there's anything special here, except a big leverage (up to 1:2000 for currency pairs), but it suits me, I don't face any surprises here, so change nothing so far.

Posted by Irsad Rajata from Indonesia on Friday, 09.25.20 @ 08:54am | #1171

And I liked spreads most of all, even fixed here from only 2 points, so you can start with minimum capital and immediately assess all the possibilities of trading terminals.

Posted by Valerio Delacruz from Spain on Thursday, 09.17.20 @ 07:46am | #1166

I chose a brokerage for myself by the quality of its trading conditions. And AAFX is the best in this respect. It has training (not only for beginners) and a big leverage (2000:1) :p

Posted by Dorthy from Thailand on Thursday, 09.3.20 @ 15:12pm | #1162

In general, I wouldn't say that my experience with AAFX was any kind of exceptional, or totally different from what I haв before. It is mostly the most common brokerage, there are a lot of them in the market. The only thing that probably makes it stand out is the 2000:1 leverage. In all forex forums and reviews, if someone write about AAFX, then person mention this fact. Someone writes that it is cool, someone doesn't like it. Personally, I like it, because it allows not to limit ourselves in risks. It doesn't mean that I don't apply risk management in my trading, but sometimes you just can't help yourself when you see a profitable deal ;)

Posted by Paul Dawson from Great Britain on Sunday, 08.30.20 @ 12:08pm | #1160

This high leverage is excellent. What I mean? High leverage is risky but if you use it correctly, you can win a lot of money. I'm using 1:2000 leverage sometimes and that's 48% ROI with 1:2000 leverage.

Posted by Fgangust from Germany on Thursday, 08.27.20 @ 17:42pm | #1159

Working with AAFX isn't only comfortable, but also quite profitable. A broker knows what quality trading is and shows it to its clients. It is cool :p

Posted by Charles Gilbert from Indonesia on Friday, 08.21.20 @ 09:55am | #1149

Recently aafx trading has launched support for Metatrader 5 and this was a turning point when I decided to write a review about this broker.
In general, I do not like to write reviews about things I like because I always feel like "Oh my Lord, I promote this service or product!". However, if you think about it, there's nothing wrong with advising a service or product that you not only liked, but also was useful.
AAFX trading is that case, I have been trading with this broker for 2 years, but only now I decided to share my opinion. In general, this broker is just good, there is a wide enough list of assets and spreads are not overpriced, so you do not overpay. But most importantl

Posted by E Latkovskis from Latvia on Tuesday, 08.18.20 @ 05:54am | #1148

I was interested in the training videos. It's good that they're so detailed and informative.
Another plus is fixed spreads from 2 points, it's good for small capital.

Posted by Jean-Marie Morua from Germany on Friday, 07.24.20 @ 13:56pm | #1129

High-leveraged trading opportunity is really cool. It can be very risky, but if you manage to use it in the right way that can be real gateway to trading heaven..

Posted by Obaid Dey from India on Friday, 07.17.20 @ 10:06am | #1120

Here I tried fixed spreads - it turned out to be more comfortable than variable.
And there's also a good analyst, I don't miss anything important now, and I've mastered a couple of new strategies...

Posted by Andrian Pons from Spain on Sunday, 07.12.20 @ 16:04pm | #1117

Every person, when he or she is just starting to work in the market, has certain expectations.
And they rarely coincide with reality, when a person starts to trade directly.
This company did not relate to my expectations, it was recommended to me, but I understand that even the best conditions are not a guarantee of what will be in perfect order.
I try to use different opportunities provided to me by a brokerage company. Some services have become useful to me, others I did not use, such as a large leverage, I just do not understand the circumstances under which I can use it in my work. That's why I don't use it.

Posted by Kumud Bisht from Ethiopia on Sunday, 06.28.20 @ 13:05pm | #1111

If you are used to working actively and even a little risky - you should definitely try it here, because you can use a large leverage and work with different assets here.

Posted by Lacenty from Italy on Saturday, 06.20.20 @ 12:48pm | #1110

Money here withdraw maximum for a day, there is a good mobile application that supports all the features of the main account, the bonuses give small, but stable when refilling from $ 500.

Posted by Isaiah from Greece on Tuesday, 06.16.20 @ 09:46am | #1108

For me, trade has long been a major source of income, and of course my attitude to it is extremely serious. I constantly study the market and constantly try to make my methods of analysis and forecasting more advanced.
I cannot say that the training articles and webinars that are provided here are all I need to navigate the market normally. But I often find information here that can be used as a certain reference point to understand what I need to look for further.

Posted by Cistik from Poland on Sunday, 06.7.20 @ 16:53pm | #1107

High leverage and tight spreads. yummy combo for those who count money. I'm second year there, made 4 withdrawals, no single problem.

Posted by Phil K from United Kingdom on Thursday, 05.28.20 @ 06:39am | #1102

Recently opened an account with fixed spreads (I don't like any surprises) and so far everything is going smoothly. For any questions and/or problems I have the opportunity to call to client support. This shows that the broker does care about its clients and in case of what - it'll cover your back.

Posted by Vinjar Knutsen from Norway on Saturday, 05.23.20 @ 07:58am | #1100

This is a good broker with a good reputation, which I have seen from my own experience.The broker isn't new on the market and has already managed to prove its decency to users. I advise you to check for yourself!

Posted by Grant Davies from England on Tuesday, 05.19.20 @ 05:18am | #1099

Every person who comes to the aafx does not become a player, but a trader. And it's really inspiring...
There is a wide range of opportunities - to train, to look for your own approach, to change strategies, to use all kinds of tools for analysis, etc...
There are all chances to earn on a permanent basis. I would recommend you to try it...

Posted by Alez Bevcos from Albania on Wednesday, 05.13.20 @ 12:51pm | #1098

The broker has been in business since 2014. I trade with them since 2018. No issues, no regrets. Thanks for the good service!

Posted by David Agatos from Greece on Monday, 05.4.20 @ 12:20pm | #1097

A proper broker. I wouldn't say it offers any special trading conditions. Just reliable and enjoyable at work. I myself just recently opened an account with fixed spreads, which is perfect for me. No sudden changes in the middle of a deal I can now not be afraid of. But I still don't know if I'll continue to work with a broker, for now I'm satisfied with everything. I would also like to compliment the client support. The service is excellent, it'll always help, and they can give you a couple of a good advises sometimes. So everyone can decide whether a broker is right for them or not, but I think it's worth the chance. You might like it too.

Posted by Roach from Italy on Tuesday, 04.28.20 @ 12:59pm | #1096

I already have a long enough history in AAfx and I can say that I am completely satisfied with the way the service for clients was organized here. I am most attracted by the trading terminal with a large set of tools and a selection of training materials - these are books and videos, which are available for all levels of accounts. So you can normally save time on searching for useful information.

Posted by Bram Erdogan from Netherlands on Thursday, 04.23.20 @ 13:00pm | #1095

High leverage is a great opportunity for those who use not that big capital. For those who work with small amounts, I would personally recommend daytrading to maximize the opportunities. But anyway I like that aafx trading does not limit the wishes of its clients and allows to implement any strategy and any risk management format. This helps me to test and find what is good for my capital.

Posted by Garret from Spain on Tuesday, 04.14.20 @ 13:19pm | #1091

I have been trading for many years, at first I was just having fun, then it became my main source of income. For me, it wasn't easy. I have had ups and downs at AAFx. But in general, to date I have managed to work off all my investments 2.2 times. Maybe somebody will say it's not that much. But it allows me to support my family. So I'm happy with it.

Posted by Ankit Pathak from India on Sunday, 04.12.20 @ 12:58pm | #1089

AAFX Tading is well known in the world, I found info about it in very popular forum and reviews were mostly positive. Some things you should know about AAFX Trading - 1:2000 leverage, a lot of assets. Metatrader 4 trading platform with allowed expert advisors. There's demo account - just try it.

Posted by Mikko Ara from Finland on Monday, 04.6.20 @ 12:11pm | #1088

Changed my previous brokerage to AAFX. I was looking for brokerage with fair Fixed spreads, AAFX provides them so. The fixed spreads starts at 2 pips. it's lower than other brokerages provide (most brokerage fixed spreads start at 2.5-3 pips). What also positive I've noticed - a lot of assets. algotrading allowed, good support that helps you to resolve issues.

Posted by Bhakti Bhusal from India on Tuesday, 03.31.20 @ 11:45am | #1083

It seems to me that aafx can be the best solution for those who are used to working on their own and strive for high performance, there is a great platform, yes a little standard, but I think many would agree that this is its plus. And there are also very profitable bonuses, you can safely take.

Posted by Poilin from Ireland on Tuesday, 03.31.20 @ 09:28am | #1082

Broker is well-known and has good number of assets, I trade it so long, that I cannot even remind how exactly long, seems that more than 5 years. I think within the brokers 'for common trader' AAFX is one of the best, with low innitial deposit and very responsive support. If you're just at the beginning - TeleTrade education center is here to help you as well. Maybe that's too much fixation on beginners, but those beginners grew up onto professionals, like me (I can't call myself a real pro, but I'm not a beginner for sure), so AAFX is acting wisely.

Posted by Indranil Thakur from India on Saturday, 03.21.20 @ 13:28pm | #1075

The main thing you need to know about the aafx is that you can safely work here on your own and not worry about the fact that you are constantly dependent on a broker. Everything you need for analysis and trading is here, and everything else depends on you. Withdrawal of money within one or two days. The spreads are low.

Posted by Munshi from Bangladesh on Friday, 03.13.20 @ 13:00pm | #1072

Extremely huge leverage. Yeah, maybe 1:2000 is too much, but you can vary leverage size and choose that one, that you think is the most appropriate, so it's all about freedom to choose. I like AAFX cause of this, brokerage don't try to restrict you where it isn't needed and that's really good.

Posted by Trice from Singapore on Monday, 03.9.20 @ 09:04am | #1071

It seems to me that among what is offered on the market today, aafx has the greatest potential for long-term cooperation. Well, let's look at it in parts, firstly, it has not only given you the opportunity to work with small amounts, but also provided all the opportunities for this, that is, spreads are adequate and tools for analysis, and secondly, there is a competent system of financial management, that is, you can safely deposit or withdraw funds when it is convenient for you, I like that the broker cooperates with a large number of payment systems, it gives more freedom.

Posted by Gerald from Germany on Tuesday, 03.3.20 @ 07:44am | #1070

For me AAFx is one of the more developed and relevant brokerage companies, the services here are collected useful, there are no extra fees and some formats that can lead to the inevitable loss of money, withdrawal of funds is also smooth, so I can recommend...

Posted by Mansley from South Africa on Wednesday, 02.26.20 @ 16:40pm | #1067

If you choose a broker right now - then be sure to pay attention to aafx - it is this company will allow you to act freely and actively, there are various systems for active and passive earning, in addition, this is where I do not have problems with withdrawal of funds, plus I can always use the help of managers of the company, who can help in solving any issue.

Posted by Sean Brekke from Norway on Thursday, 02.20.20 @ 07:29am | #1066

In my opinion, anyone who is interested in stable good earnings can trade and is not afraid of having to work hard and initially take this business seriously. And it is also very important to find a broker who can provide good working conditions - how to do this? Pay attention to AAFX, which will allow you to work as you like and at the same time use a wide range of tools, each of which is designed to ensure that you work better and get excellent earnings.

Posted by Luca Lejeune from Belgium on Tuesday, 02.11.20 @ 17:16pm | #1055

I really like to trade in AAFX WHERE I started to do well here, besides there are no difficulties with withdrawal, and I think that many people will understand me - this is the biggest advantage...

Posted by Aishas from Thailand on Sunday, 02.9.20 @ 14:01pm | #1053

For me, the search for a broker was quite long and difficult, but given the result, I do not regret anything, because for over three years I have been trading in aafx and during this time I have never had a reason to think about changing a broker. This company has well-chosen trading conditions, and they periodically add certain services, which are aimed at more dynamic work in the market. In addition, there are absolutely no commissions, this is the first time I see such an approach, I think that it has a positive impact on the flow of clients, because here you can work even with small capitals and at the same time quite profitable.

Posted by Oman Hajalov from Russia on Tuesday, 02.4.20 @ 14:15pm | #1051

When I first started trading, I didn't really understand what a broker should be like to be able to trust his money. But now I know for sure that to work you need an aafx or a broker with similar conditions, here you can freely work on your own or get qualified help, there are excellent services for active and passive trading, and there are minimum commissions and spreads, I am just delighted...

Posted by Nucler from Spain on Sunday, 01.26.20 @ 19:36pm | #1049

Speaking of AAFX services there are reasonably enough and they are diverse. Here it is possible to choose any leverage and take profit to adjust and there are many assets, etc. Still, the rest, in my opinion, is enviable only from the trader himself, but in this case, too, there are training materials that are available to all levels of accounts and can be freely used by anyone, in addition, they are periodically updated and supplemented by new information, which can be called useful. But the biggest advantage is that there are no commissions, and there are fixed spreads. For me these facts provide an opportunity to work with different amounts depending on my financial situation

Posted by Brian Merse from France on Wednesday, 01.22.20 @ 07:14am | #1047

For me, trading is a big part of my time and hiding most of my main income, so I trade a lot and actively and generally interested in this direction. AAFX is not the only broker that I trade with. But it is one of those that can be recommended for permanent cooperation. There are in principle very loyal conditions, low spreads and no withdrawal fees. And this broker gives access to the terminal mt, it is common and there are many opportunities to test different strategies and generally work with comfort, without panic, if you need, when you replenish here you can get bonuses, but they need to be work out, so it is better to clarify this issue immediately from a manager.

Posted by Esenwara from MALAYSIA on Sunday, 01.19.20 @ 17:09pm | #1045

AAFX is a great options to start trading. I was looking for a broker to start with and read a lot of reviews. I found AAFX reading reviews and decided to try. As I understand (I may be wrong), that's not the most popular broker, but it's great and I can't find any single disadvantage. Minimum spread is just $100 and there is demo-account to try trading and master your skills. I can't say that Metatrader 4 is my beloved trading platform, but I like that I can use Webtrader and there is no need to install any programms and that's good, as I can trade from different devices. Withdrawals are also quick, usually within 24 hours.

Posted by Tan Pradipta from Indonesia on Sunday, 01.12.20 @ 16:34pm | #1043

I can't say that AAFX is something outstanding, but that's also foolish to try find something outstanding when we talk about brokerage. Trading, as well as brokerage service, is a business and there is no outstanding solutions, as that's not a lotery. However, if you're looking for fast and reliable brokerage, AAFX has a lot things to consider. First of all, I enjoy its tight spreads and trading platform. MetaTrader 4 allows me to use Webtrader, so I can trade using my browser, so I have no need to install any programms. Secondly, there is Expert Advisor, so I can launch my own algorithms and trade with customized indicators. The final one is fast support, so I don't waste my time

Posted by Shade Joshua from Morocco on Thursday, 01.9.20 @ 10:31am | #1042

I came to AAFX by my friend's suggestion and after a short time understand that I made right decision. Honestly, AAFX is one of the best broker I ever met and I can prove this. In fact, there are only 4 factors that are really important when choosing a broker: reliability, spreads, trading platform and withdrawing speed. My experience with AAFX is positive in all these reagards. As I know (but I can confuse date) AAFX won best asian broker award, trading platform is MT4 (well-known and one of the best solutions), spreads are tight and withdrawing speed is around 24 hours.

Posted by Vladislav Pavluk from Ukraine on Saturday, 12.21.19 @ 13:43pm | #1038

I am on my way to AAFX, so this broker gives me a wide range of assets and instruments for trading, which can be safely called relevant and useful for a modern forex user. Yes, each trader needs a lot of time to get used to it, but on the mt you can do it much faster precisely due to the fact that the terminal is adapted for everyday trading, has an attractive appearance and works without any failures. I wouldn't say that you won't face any difficulties here, for example, a large range of leverage can be misleading, so don't forget about the exact calculations. But if you're okay with it, then on the contrary, trading will reach a new profit level.

Posted by Axinte Soare from Romania on Saturday, 12.14.19 @ 16:58pm | #1033

I like AAFX very much. Quick withdrawals and execution of orders. In this matter, the AAFX is one of the best chooses. There are no surprises regarding the platforms. You can trade with Metatrader 4 and take advantage of all its advantages, for example, the ability to trade with Expert Advisors. The broker doesn't offer its own trading robots. But there is always an opportunity to program your own. The platform is available in the browser, desktop and mobile versions for Android and iPhone. However, Mac and Linux users with Windows Mobile phones will only be able to use the WebTrader browser version . This is a full analogue of Metrader, that is available without any installations.

Posted by Mansour from Jakarta, Indonesia on Friday, 12.13.19 @ 16:58pm | #1032

It's a great company that I've been working with for about 4 years and I've never experienced any problems. AAFX has done everything for the client and it is felt even in common points. The support team responds quickly, the spreads are tight, and the leverage is very high. Of course, it is unlikely that many traders will want to trade with 1:2000 leverage, cause there is a great chance to lose everything in seconds. But a broker provides such an opportunity, which is cool. I don't want to talk a lot about withdrawals, but I'm asked so often, so I'll pay some attention to this issue. My withrawals usually take 2-3 days, so everything is OK.

Posted by Conwir from Malaysia on Saturday, 12.7.19 @ 12:40pm | #1031

Writing reviews is my passion! I write about everything I use because I believe that reviews help people a lot. AAFX keeps everything at a high level. There is a restrained commissions system, so you understand that the broker takes exactly as much fees as brokerage services really worth, and doesn't want to earn extra money from the trader. So, that's fair deal. Also, there is a convenient trading system and the opportunity to become a broker's affiliate partner. As trading platform is used standard MetaTrader 4 - one of the best solutions that are within the industry.

Posted by Moses Otshangase from Casablanca, Morocco on Thursday, 12.5.19 @ 08:01am | #1030

It's very easy to start trade with AAFX. The company is focused on beginners, offering low initial deposit limits. There is also a bonus program, which encourages beginners not only to invest their first deposit, but also get them bonuses in the future. Deposits can be made in a variety of ways, including credit cards and e-wallets. Trading process is very simple, which is facilitated by the MetaTrade 4 platform. Any newcomer will be able to get used to MetaTrader in a few days. All deposits are kept in a separate bank account, so in case of any problems with the broker or broker's problems, nothing will happen to the clients' money. There is wide range of services for withdrawal

Posted by Irvin from CZECHIA on Friday, 11.29.19 @ 13:36pm | #1026

I'm new to trading, but decided to try my luck with AAFX Trading. I think their main advantage is making an account deposit and very fast support. Support team constantly help me with detailed answers and explanations. I can deposit funds in a lot of ways, with a minimum deposit of only $100. So even those who aren't ready to invest a lot of money can try to trade. I think it's wonderful and this gives me absolutely new experience. The only thing that I, as a beginner, lack is a newbie-oriented plarfrom for those who haven't previously traded. MT4 is probably very cool if you need indicators and settings, but I need simplicity, cause my eyes run wide with this trading.

Posted by DanVr from Estonia on Wednesday, 11.27.19 @ 14:33pm | #1025

I switched to them only because of the huge leverage. For the rest, they offer a stable, but not unique service, but their 1: 2000 leverage is something that other brokers don’t have. With such a leverage, even having as little as $100, I can open deals with moderate profitability and earn serious money (as if I had $200,000 instead of my $100). Rememeber, that you need to be careful, this is a huge potential but same risk to use enormous leverage in full.

Posted by Oumagth from Sofia, Bulgaria on Thursday, 11.21.19 @ 04:40am | #1021

I liked the AAFX because the company offers a wide leverage. This helps to trade in significant amounts even without having an impressive deposit. It was also very unusual for me to protect my account from a negative balance. This goes well with a wide leverage and if you go negative, the company will simply reset your account and will not wait for you to pay a negative balance. This allows me to trade with a small deposit using a wide leverage and are not afraid that I will go into a significant negative balance in case of failure. For those who have more money, a VIP account better offer on spreads is available but I have not tested it yet.

Posted by Anand Chad from VIETNAM on Friday, 11.15.19 @ 13:54pm | #1017

The best thing about AAFX is that I can fully rely on their quality service and in-time completed money withdrawals. All withdrawals are free of charge. Actually with AAFX you pay only spread. There are no other hidden fees and commissions. This is the leader of the market regarding offered leverage as well. Not sure how to use this 1:2000 offer, but nice to know I’m not limited in my choice of how much risk I want to take.

Posted by Luhung Nasyiah from Indonesia on Friday, 11.8.19 @ 15:03pm | #1014

This is a good brokerage and I don’t even hope to find anything much better than AAFX. For me it’s also important that they offer MT4 support which is basically my only firm requirement because I trade with Expert Advisor. The rest of the trading conditions are very good, this is why I stay with AAFX and plan to stay as long as they keep spreads that tight and refuse to apply additional commissions per trade.

Posted by Maolo from Indonesia on Tuesday, 11.5.19 @ 12:37pm | #1013

I only trade currencies so I’m unaware of AAFX CFDs trading offerm but for currency trading they definitely fit perfectly. No per trade commissions or hidden fees, tight spreads, good leverage. Not much more that I need. They do withdraw profits fine according to my experience. Normally funds arrive the same day. I’ve done about a dozen withdrawals and only once I had to wait overnight for funds to be deposited to my e-wallet.

Posted by Mabul Havarati from India, Nagpur on Thursday, 10.31.19 @ 13:08pm | #1010

Nothing to complain about. Really. I've been trading with AAFX for half a year and so far I have no other comments but "Thank you so much for excellent service!" The list of instruments is great, there are both currencies and CFDs of all kinds there. Fees are awesome. Slippages do happen, but if you show me the broker that has never got those, I would assume this is a scam because slippages are part of the game. Broker can only try to execute orders fast enough to lower the risk of a huge slippage. AAFX is doing good enough to make slippages bearable.

Posted by Bishnu Bal from India on Monday, 10.28.19 @ 18:22pm | #1008

I’ve been working with AAFX since April 2017 and can totally recommend this brokerage to be your personal intermediary in the world of finance. I like the fact that clients are given on option to go for either fixed or variable spreads, so everyone can adopt the fees according to their trading style. AAFX claims to have no other commissions apart from spreads and this is the absolute truth. Be prepared to lose some % on withdrawals though, but this is because most of the payment systems have their internal fees, not because the broker charges his own. I use Skrill for withdrawals, but I’m not sure this is the cheapest method. Just convenient for me.

Posted by Welast from South Africa on Friday, 10.25.19 @ 12:16pm | #1007

With AAFX I appreciate the fact that they offer negative balance protection. You see, I like the idea of turning small deposits into a new laptop, keyboard or even a car, why not? For this purpose I deposit the minimum amount, use leverage and do my best to perform a few trades with positive expected value on the outcome.If everything goes well, I celebrate, if not, I’m OK with the loss. Yes, this is pure gambling and I do not advice anyone to do that. On the other hand AAFX allows me to do so and allows to withdraw the profits gained with the use of their leverage. If this doesn’t mean that the broker is trustworthy, than I don’t even know what could be the proof.

Posted by Radhe Sibal from India on Sunday, 10.20.19 @ 13:08pm | #1006

Minimum deposit here is only $100 and the leverage is 1:2000. Looks like a perfect place to give your small capital a chance to blossom. Please don’t take my comment for high-risk trading propaganda, however, sometimes we do need to risk to get out of the vicious circle of “I don’t have enough money to earn a living by trading”. AAFX gives this opportunity, but I think its necessary to keep in mind that once the depo is good enough, you must not risk more than 1-2% of the capital in a single trade.

Posted by Aslam Bhalla from India on Friday, 10.18.19 @ 12:19pm | #1005

Both forex and CFDs you can trade with AAFX. There are no extra commissions apart from quite tight spreads. There is a bonus program as well which daytraders have a chance to make use of. These bonuses are withdrawable if you fulfill the requirement to trade a specific amount of lots. I also like the instant withdrawals. I think they’ve tried to remove human touch to withdrawals under certain amount of money. Not sure what that exactly is, but my withdrawals under $100 always pass through immediately. I think you only need to wait for bank wires.

Posted by Farhan from Malaysia on Monday, 09.30.19 @ 13:04pm | #1001

Choosing a broker is no easier than choosing a suitable laptop. It really depends on your trading style and personal preferences. Like you don’t need the latest Apple Air to type and watch movies, similarly you don’t need access to expensive trading platforms if you don’t know how to use them, or low withdrawal fees if you withdraw once a year. I loved AAFX, for they charge 0 to withdraw (I prefer to do that once a month) and have very tight spreads on the ECN accounts. That’s basically all I really need.

Posted by Hao Tao from Philippines on Saturday, 09.28.19 @ 13:24pm | #1000

AAFX broker has a great bonus – 30% on deposit. This is kind of return on the spread, which allows you to earn some additional money just by trading as usual. And taking into account that the spreads here are already tights, less than 1 pip for major pairs. This is time to think about – how the broker itself makes money, lol. Good, that I’m trading with AAFX not for the first year and don’t doubt the honesty of this company. It’s more like other brokers are being greedy and add some on top spreads and charges, because the market allows doing so. But they can spin off as much as they want. I will trade where it’s profitable, and this is also my recommendation to you.

Posted by Aditya Chacko from Singapore on Wednesday, 09.25.19 @ 13:43pm | #999

I like the fact that this broker didn’t develop his own “unique as a snowflake” trading platform. I simply don’t trust those. Instead I prefer using old good MetaTrader with all the necessary tools and indicators. Broker itself is reliable. In over 6 month I didn’t run into any troubles. Connection with MT4 is good, so trades get executed very fast.

Posted by Olauv from Sri Lanka on Thursday, 09.19.19 @ 17:02pm | #997

I’d mention tight spreads on ECN account to be the main advantage of AAFX. I know some traders fear that variable spreads can hit their profits when they are least prepared for it, but in my experience, variable ECN spreads are about 30% lower on average compared to fixed spreads of the same company. I’d definitely recommend going for this type of account at AAFX.

Posted by BadRappa from Russia on Wednesday, 08.28.19 @ 16:24pm | #985

AAFX Trading is the broker I'm trading long-term with. Here, you don't have to pay commission fees for prolonging the deal till the next day, so you can keep the deals open as long as you want - be it a month or a year. So when you trade long-term, especially without swaps, all the other conditions don't make much of a difference. Does it really matter whether the spread is going to be 1 or 2 pips, if the income per deal is amounted to hundreds of pips? This broker is honest and withdraws your funds smoothly and on time. In that regard, I completely trust AAFX Trading. I've already made about 5 withdrawals. The funds usually arrive on time. In general I have no reason for anxiety.

Posted by Pancras from Netherlands on Thursday, 08.22.19 @ 10:02am | #982

It's very convenient for me to exercise scalping on Aafx. Before I was thinking, that the trading is going the same way with all the brokers, which offer to trade through the Metatrader. Now I understand how much depend on the broker itself…Here at Aafx Trading the deals are executed very fast, if I wouldn’t have a sad experience before, I would decide, that this is some kind of automatic instant execution :D But unfortunately I had to work with the brokers, which executed the deals very slowly, and because of it I could lose a few seconds, the price wend aside I had lost from the very beginning…I don’t experience anything like that with Aafx, that’s why I’m happy with the broker.

Posted by Melandams from Romania on Wednesday, 08.14.19 @ 14:46pm | #974

AAFX Trading – good reliable broker, especially it’s convenient to do short-term trading and scalping with it. This broker is already well known in the traders’ environment because it treats scalpers well and ensures fast orders execution. I personally noticed on my experience, that the deals are executed fast, and spreads are staying almost always within 1-1,5 pips (at least for the majors). The trading is going on the proven by time MT 4. For me, this seems to be a universal terminal, which is possible to be upgraded with any kind of indicators. But it’s not recommended to launch the robots – this is forbidden by the broker’s rules;)

Posted by Ivor from Great Britain, London on Sunday, 08.11.19 @ 16:12pm | #972

AAfx is a quite good broker. Of course, it’s not a market leader, I think, it’s possible to find the company with tighter spreads, or maybe with more assets available for trading. But I’m working with Aafx because there you can get not only good trading conditions but also some bonuses. I like, that you can get up to 30% of bonus money on each deposit, and if you are actively trading then you can approximately once in six months withdraw them together with your profit. In reality, you can do it even more often, but I have not very aggressive trading style, I don’t open the deal every day, and the speed of the bonus requirements fulfillment depends on how actively you are trading.

Posted by Elardow from Russia on Sunday, 07.28.19 @ 16:38pm | #969

AAFX broker offers tight spreads, that’s why it’s very beneficial to trade with him. Especially you can feel it while scalping. When I was trading with other brokers, the spread was burning the half of my income, if the deal was closed in red, this was a totally sad story. Now I feel the loss from spread less and this difference allows me to have a more or less stable income.
When you just starting to trade, you don’t pay attention to small things like this. It seems that all the deals will go in black, and in case one of them will end up in red this will be no big deal. In fact, trading is based on profit and loss. The main thing to have a little bit more profit.

Posted by Roshfor Zhermen from France, Strasbourg on Tuesday, 07.16.19 @ 12:47pm | #967

It’s ok for me to trade with Aafx Trading. Seems like a regular broker, but the conditions are pretty beneficial, spread for Eur/Usd 0,5 pips on average, for Gbp/Usd it is 1 pip on ecn account...There is a couple of brokers with quite similar conditions, but these companies are not known at all, and Aafx anyway is more than 10 years on the market, I trust this broker. I don’t have any claims in regards to the execution of the deals or money withdrawal. I withdraw on the e-wallet. I receive money during the same day as a rule.
Lately, I’m interested in shares trading. You can make pretty good money during the trading session.Aafx has more than 100 of them.

Posted by VedRik from India, Kolkata on Friday, 07.12.19 @ 06:54am | #966

It is very profitable to trade in a short term with AAFX. It offers some good bonuses, and if you are trading actively, you can fulfill its requirements in 2-3 months. This means that you will get an additional 30% to your regular income. For me, bonuses are the half of my income now.
It’s also important that the broker ensures a perfect connection and seamless platform performance. If your internet has stable connection and minimal speed there are won’t be any problems with the platform. You can quietly scalp and your deals will be opened second-in-second.
These factors and the fast money withdrawals make AAFX a perfect choice for scalpers and those, who trade in the short term.

Posted by Sau Nguen from Hong Kong on Saturday, 06.29.19 @ 09:40am | #965

The brokers in the forex market should provide a trader a good environment to trade in, so the he or she can become a good trader and it will be beneficial for the brokers as well. The trading experience I have with this broker is really great and I appreciate the effort they put in to make the best possible environment for us traders to focus on our trading. The fact they have no commission and swap is really helpful and lets us trade for a longer period with each trade.

Posted by Arne Jensen from Netherlands on Friday, 06.28.19 @ 11:10am | #964

AAFX Trading is a well broker for scalping and high-frequency trading. The company doesn't mind their traders opening lots of orders at once. Besides that, AAFX also allows robot trading, which is rare among Forex-brokers. What I like about AAFX is that I can trade the way I want. In fact, I'm not really a scalper, it's just my occasional itch to trade actively. I'm quite fine with spreads as well

Posted by Borislav from Poland on Saturday, 06.22.19 @ 05:47am | #962

i switched to AAFX Trading when I saw they provide 1:2000 leverage with no commision or swap. Before I was using a maximum of 1:1000. Started trading. It feels like you are on the airplane. It is cool when broker has such condition. here I can withdraw any kind of amount without any issue! That’s the service I was badly missing on my previous brokers! Up to now, I have not had any problem regarding withdrawals, it is super quick. Specially, the performance of the broker is really good, market execution is done really well and it is precise. Some brokers do not execute pending orders sometimes for some reason. I received the bonus for the first deposit, honestly speaking I don’t co

Posted by Gowan from Sweden on Saturday, 06.15.19 @ 13:49pm | #961

I read negative reviews and understand that 99% of problems from inexperience. Ihave been trading in the Forex market since 2005, with AAFX since 2012, and for the time being I am not going to switch to another source of income. Before investing large amounts on a real account, practice on a demo account, because AAFX provides such an opportunity. The demo account provides all the same currency pairs and trading assets. Transactions take place in the same order as on a real account. And when there will be a permanent profit, you can throw money on the real account. If you are going to actively trade, then I advise you to open an ECN account, you can save a lot on the spreads :)

Posted by Richee from UK on Thursday, 06.13.19 @ 13:19pm | #960

I like aafx. We can hold a long discussion here, but there are always brokers who have better or worse conditions. Nevertheless, the broker is very loyal to its clients, and this is the most important. The company is doing a great job regarding it. I will go further with them.

Posted by Rohit from India on Sunday, 05.19.19 @ 14:56pm | #954

I can honestly say that AAFX Trading as a broker completely satisfies me. I’m trading on ECN account and I was a little bit afraid at the start that the spreads can be wide (after all broker can increase them as there no fixed values), but they stay around the minimum almost all the time. It is clear that the broker is not trying to cheat on traders putting on top additional charges, but keeps average market spread. It can be increased a little bit if there is volatility on the market, but when it’s quite the spread is minimal. This makes me happy and inspires confidence, for these reasons I will stay with AAFX.
By the way, I recommend to open exactly ECN account.

Posted by Nicola Bonne from France on Monday, 04.29.19 @ 02:44am | #949

Great broker for CFD trading, especially if you are a long term trader. First of all here you can open an account without swap. Secondly, the share choice is REALLY BIG here – I haven’t seen such a significant numbers in any other forex broker. Aafx will work as an alternative option of investment, if you don’t want for some reason to open account with the regular stock market broker (as minimum Aafx lower commissions).

Posted by Reinard Gert from Germany on Saturday, 04.27.19 @ 09:01am | #948

I’m new Forex, I’m trading only for 3 months. Aafx is my first broker. As far everything works for me, the only thing is that educational content is missing. I contacted support a few times, they always explained everything to me in details and big thanks to them for that. But I wouldn’t mind having some educational materials (=

Posted by Sergey Shalupov from Russian Federation on Tuesday, 04.23.19 @ 05:48am | #947

In aafx you can perfectly scalp and not to be afraid, that you will be blocked or the results of your deals will be tricked. No, I understand now almost all the brokers work more or less honestly. But a few years ago I used to get into the situations when the broker didn’t like my fast and sharp trading and complicated my life. I was switching one company to another. Some of them were suitable to trade, some – not. When the scaling is kind of allowed, but the spread is rapidly growing up to 3-5 pips, it is not much fun to trade.
In Aafx you can open as many deals as you want, the will take quite adequate spread from you and allow you to carry on. I think, I’m staying here for long

Posted by Alber Henningsen from Sweden on Thursday, 04.18.19 @ 13:55pm | #946

I'm mostly doing long term trading, and it happens, that I keep deals opened more than a year. I open not that many deals, but I use leverage in any case. It makes me happy, that AAFX trading doesn't charge the commission for longterm deals, and also they don't have any swaps. Yes, somebody will say that swaps are also can be positive, you can also make money out of it, but this is almost unreal. And here I can keep the deal opened as long as needed, and wait until I have a profit, which would satisfy me. The company takes only spread, and it is doesn't depend on how long I stay in the deal.

Posted by john from malaysia on Tuesday, 05.19.15 @ 14:19pm | #516

I have been trading with this broker from last 2months and the service is execellent with great spreads and no commission. The best thing is they dont wide the spread in news timings. Fast withdraw like when i request for withdraw i get in few hours. I suggest this broker to everyone who looking for a good broker.


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